Windows Mobile Licensing

I saw a posting on about Microsoft’s licensing fees for Windows Mobile (the information cam from Reuters).  In short the posting said that Microsoft will continue to charge licensing fees for Windows Mobile and also brings attention to the functionality packaged with Windows Mobile that isn’t available with some of the free mobile operating systems.

  • Built-in Exchange push e-mail support.
  • Support for remote device management, application deployment and device policy management.
  • Support for full device encryption (including external memory cards).
  • Free sync with Windows Live Hotmail and Live Contacts.
  • Windows Live Search.
  • Live Messenger IM Client.
  • Software for simple Internet Sharing.
  • Office files reading and editing.
  • A pretty good e-mail application with built-in smart filtering search.
  • A pretty good Bluetooth stack.
  • Access to 18000 + applications already out in the market.
  • Support by carriers and a wide developer community.
  • Security certification by recognized accreditation bodies.
  • Indemnification for the technology used.

I hadn’t considered this before. but after reading it I have to wonder whether or not I should really consider the other OSes to be free.  I see quite a few features in the above that I would really hate to be without.


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