XNA Animated Sprite code uploaded to CodeProject.com

I’ve uploaded some code I was working on to animate sprites in XNA.

Animating a sprite isn’t difficult, but I wanted some way to animate them but reduce the coupling between code and the animation. The Content Pipeline is perfect for this. So I created a component that will handle the animation scenarios that I need along with a content extension so that I could load these animations as content. Right now the animation information is in an XML file. This is a stepping point towards having a graphical tool for handling this.

You can read about the code here or see a brief description of it in the video below

Welcome to the Site Mirror!

It seems that my hosting provider has gone through some changes for the worst; once a week for the past three weeks this site has gone offline because of some failure or data loss at my provider’s location. Because of the decrease in reliability I’ll be looking for a new provider. In the mean time I’ve started mirroring my content at here. Any new content I write will also be published here(I may just use WordPress as the primary host for this site, still undecided). If the main site ever goes down remember you can see the content heretoo.