New Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been looking for a new tablet device. I’ve made my decision. I was originally going to get a Windows tablet. But when I looked at the available tablets I found that the emphasis seems to be on making them smaller and lighter and as a consequence they are lower powered than what I have with longer battery life. I get pretty good battery life already, so there wasn’t a big incentive for me to get a new Windows tablet just yet. Mine is good enough.

For a breif moment I considered the iPad 2 but the new unit looks to be an incremental upgrade from the original. So I’m leaving it alone.

Next on the list was an Android tablet. That’s what I got, a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s a nifty little device in it’s own right. It’s small enough to fit in one hand or the back pocket of some jeans (not that I recommend carrying that way, to many pick pockets around) but large enough to make for a good eBook reader. I was also pleased with how consistent it is with other Samsung devices. I’ll be talking more about it (and another mobile operating system!) in the coming weeks.

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