Voice Memo Source for WP7

This question keeps coming up in the forums so I decided to put the application together and make it publically available. If you head over to CodeProject you’ll find a small article that I uploaded on making a voice memo application on Windows Phone 7. Among other things is demonstrates how to convert the raw recording bytes to a proper wave file, simple serialization, and a few other tid bits. For the sake of the article I did send the code through certification.

However the application looks ugly right now. I’ve got a graphic artist that I’ll be paying to design the UI for me and since I’m paying her for this I’ve decided not to include the graphic assets that she is producing in the code that I’m gicing away for free.

There’s no obligations attached to the code. But if you use it in your own products I would appreciate a heads up just so that I know where it’s being used.

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