Adding an E-Mail Account to the WP Emulator

For one reason or another you may find that you want to add a real e-mail account to the Windows Phone emulator. Unfortunately the emulator doesn’t directly expose a way for you to do this; the settings area on the phone doesn’t display the tile to access the e-mail settings. You can get to the settings application indirectly though. This path is convoluted, but it works.

You’ll need to make a simple application that does nothing more than show a phone call task. Once the task is displayed accept the phone call then select the option to add another caller. This takes you to the People Hub. Swipe through the People Hub to the &quotWhat’s New" and you will be prompted to add a Facebook or Twitter account. Select the option to do this (even though you are not really adding an account of that type) and when you asked what type of account you want to add you can select one of the e-mail account types.

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