Tizen 5.0 Released


Tizen 5.0 was released a few days ago. This is a week in advance of the Samsung Developer’s Conference 2018. For those keeping count until now the most recent version of Tizen prior to now (4.0) could be found on the Galaxy Watch and Samsung TVs. There are Mobile devices that run Tizen. But I am in the USA and those devices are not sold here (so I won’t speak on them much).

What’s new in Tizen 5.0?  There is improved IoT support, support for Bixby, and support for glTF. glTF is a format that aims to provide efficient loading of 3D scenes, but it is being added to Tizen with intent for it to be applied to watch faces.  With the upgrade we are also getting improved debugging support and a new version of Tizen.Net.  It also looks that they are deprecating the UI Builder tool in Tizen.

I get the feeling that I’ll hear more about this update when I go to the conference next week. I’ll post more from the conference as I find out 🙂

  • C# API for Display Control
  • Native API for Multi-LED control
  • Compressed File System
  • Low Memory Management
  • Upgrade to source libraries
    • icu (60.2)
    • sqlite (3.24.0)
    • json-glib (1.4.2)
    • wayland (1.15.0)
    • efl (1.21)
  • Updated Watchface Complication Framework
  • App Control API
  • Minicontrol API
  • WebView Control added
  • Network Firewall
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Neural Network Runtime

2 thoughts on “Tizen 5.0 Released

  1. Have you heard any new news or credible rumors about the Tizen 5.0 update? I don’t know where you’re from, but the LTE Galaxy Watches here in the US have had a real problem not being able to finish setup and connect to the paired phone’s Carrier Network. Samsung has ignored all the complaints about this, and so far they haven’t released a fix. I’m hoping a major update like Tizen 5.0 might address this bug. Also Watch owners have complained that it doesn’t record their steps accurately, and the battery doesn’t stay charged a whole day unless you turn most of the options off.

    1. Historically Samsung hasn’t made major O.S. updates available to their watches. The S2 watch only received up to Tizen 2.3. The S3 received up to Tizen 3.x. to get Tizen 4.0 one had to purchase the Galaxy Watch. Based on this I speculate that when a Tizen 5.0 build for watches is available it may only be available on nee hardware. I am in the USA also. When I purchased my watch the carrier didn’t want me to leave the store until they paired my watch. Have you tried posting about the problem in the galaxy forums? I had a problem with the S2 not saving data to Samsung Health some years ago and went there. In all honesty Samsung wasn’t of help for that problem. But with the combined efforts of those of us with the problem a solution was found.

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