BigInt in JavaScript

As a developer, there are some problems for which I get enjoyment out of solving.  There are some problems for which JavaScript had not been my tool of choice because of its limits on precision of the Number type.  That is no longer the case with the JavaScript type BigInt.  The number of bytes used to store a BigInt scales with the magnitude of the number.  On some browsers the following JavaScript code will show a difference between Number and BigInt.  The value in the BigInt variable increases as one would naturally expect it to.  The value in the Number variable will stay the same.

var myBigInt = BigInt(Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER);
var myBigResult;
console.log('BigInt value ', myBigInt);
myBigResult = myBigInt * 4n;
console.log('BigInt value * 4 = ', myBigResult);

var myNumber = Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER-0.9;
var myResult;
console.log('Number value ', myNumber);
myResult = myNumber *4 ;
console.log('Number value * 4 = ', myNumber);

The output for the above was as follows:

BigInt value  9007199254740991n
BigInt value * 4 =  36028797018963964n
Number value  9007199254740990
Number value * 4 =  9007199254740990

For any operation that involves values that are beyond the maximum safe integer value, the resulting value could be wrong. It is also possible to have values that appear identical when printed as a sting, but are unequal to each other when compared.  BigInt literals are expressed as an integer number suffixed with a lowercase ‘n’.  If you use the typeof operator on a BigInt the string 'bigint‘ is returned.

While there are no additional floating number types that offer high precision, BigInt can be used for some types of calculations.  For example, if you needed a big decimal value for money calculations  you could use BigInt and have your presentation of the results take into account that the number type is not storing a decimal position.  For example, if the result of a calculation were 1234 when printing the number it could be converted to a string and a period could be inserted into the right position producing the string 12.34 to the user.

The BigInt type is supported in Chrome 67.  Apple added support for Safari version 12.  Mozilla is currently working on support.  Microsoft is also working on an implementation.


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