Tizen 6.0 M2 Release

Tizen recently announced the release of Tizen 6.0 M2. The Tizen operating system is most well known for running on Samsung TVs and smart watches. It can also be found on Samsung’s high-end TVs, custom embedded systems, and Samsung has spoken of licensing the OS and service to other TV manufacturers.

This release provides developers with a new kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and APIs. The new kernel includes improved support for the Raspberry Pi 4. Also added is a new C# API for power management. The key features that Tizen is highlighting include the following.

  • Supports On-Device AI Vision (Media Vision Human Recognition Reference Model – Hand Skeleton, Human body pose)
  • Supports Tizen 64-bit AI platform development
  • Supports NUI 2.0 (2D and 3D Unified Framework, OneUI 2.x)
  • Supports Flexible Media Playback Engine and Interface
  • Supports BLE Mesh Framework for IoT devices
  • Supports Customizable Home Framework
  • Enhanced AI Programming Interfaces for voice
  • Enhanced Wearable Gesture Framework
  • Optimized power consumption for wearables, up to 3% improvement.

You can find more information on the release from this URL: https://docs.tizen.org/platform/release-notes/tizen-6-0-m2/

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