Humble Bundle Developer Book Offer

Humble Bundle is known for offering games where you can decide on the price that you pay, and the money goes to a charity. One of the offers that they have available now is for a collection of 27 books from Packt Publishing on software development and related topics. For donating 18 USD the entire collection of 27 books is available. If you donate less than this, then a subset of the books are available to you. For 10 USD, a ten item bundle is available. For 1 USD, a 3 item bundle is available. (Note, the books available for the diminished selections are preselected and cannot be changed). Many of the available books are in the topic domains of C++ and Java and range from beginning to advanced. There are a few books on Python, Go, and discrete mathematics. At the time of this posting, the “Programming Mega Bundle” is available for another 14 days. The books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats.

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