Resolving “board icestick not connected” for the Lattice IceStick HX1K with Apio

The Latice iCEstick HX1K is an FPGA development board with a built in USB interface. If you are using apio with the board and follow some common instructions for preparing the board to run programs, you may encounter a failure at the upload step. When I tried, I got the error Error: board icestick not connected.

PS D:\scratchpad\icestick\leds> apio upload
Error: board icestick not connected

I thought I had improperly installed the driver, but after further examination I found that was correct. The problem is that there was a mismatch on the description for which the board presented itself and the description that apio was looking for. I can only guess that Lattice had updated the description for the board. The fix is easy. Find boards.json. For me this file was in the path C:\Users\%user%\anaconda3\Lib\site-packages\apio\resources. Look for the entry for the iCE40-HX1K. In that entry there is the object named ftdi that has a child string named desc. Compare this name to the output that you get from apio system --lsftdi. If it is different, update it to ensure it is identical.

Now if you attempt to upload your program it should work!

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