Visual Studio 2022 Release Date

Visual Studio 2022 has been available in test form for a while. I’ve got the release candidate running now. But there is now a release date available for it. If you are looking to upgrade to VS 2022, your wait will be over on November 8, 2021. On this day Microsoft is holding a launch event for Visual Studio 2022. This isn’t just a software release, but also will have demonstrations on what Visual Studio 2022 is bringing.

Visual Studio 2022 brings greater support/integration with GitHub (Microsoft agreed to purchase GitHub back in 2018), code editor, and debugging improvements. The range of new feature touch the areas of WPF, WinForms, WinUI, ASP.NET, and areas not traditionally thought of as Windows specific, such as cross-platform game technologies, developing applications for Mac, and apps for Linux.

The fun starts on November 8, 8:30AM PDT. Learn more here.


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