Kerbal Space Program 2 Available February 23, 2023

I don’t write much about games (though I am taking that into consideration), but I thought this game demands a mention. Kerbal Space Program is a game series that is about running your own space program. The game has an especially flexible system for designing and launching vehicles for travel on land, sea, air, and space. Unlike many other games, Kerbal Space Program uses a physics system that follows a lot of concepts in astrodynamics. If you ever wanted to learn about orbital mechanics, KSP is a great testing ground for learning. KSP places the player in a scaled-down solar system to explore.

KSP 2 builds upon KSP with additional customization, UI updates, and adds interstellar travel and better support for building space bases and colonies on other planets. In later releases of the game, the game’s maker plans to add support for multiplayer. The game is going to be released as a preview. This is similar to the path that the original KSP took, with frequent updates based on the feedback from the players.